You Can be at School While at Work!

As our students, you will never have to choose between work and school.  Instead, we help you decide how to combine the best of both to make a career for your future!
In addition, Thomas Brown College caters to students of all ages who are graduates of the Associate or Bachelor’s degrees, as well as those who hold a high school graduation certificate, and need to develop specific job-related shills. Our many career programs range from 4 to 12 months, and provide very valuable job-ready and effective career skills and learning experiences to students throughout the Caribbean and beyond.
You will participate in interactive courses which are graded, use regular text books, have assignments, papers, quizzes, exams and presentations.  You will also use the latest distance education technologies to participate in a captive and interactive learning environment with your instructors.  In the process, you will come in contact with some of the best experts in the fields of study who contribute to course curriculum and teach in the various programs.
Your education is our ultimate goal.  We are committed to providing our students with relevant training of exceptional educational and career to enhance a higher quality of life and to create a highly efficient workforce community.
Whether your interests are in the  corporate world, working in small businesses, government or creating your own businesses, we create opportunities for you!  Furthermore, since jobs don’t come with guarantees, our students also think of creating their own jobs, ensuring other income streams.
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