Frequently Asked Questions


About Thomas Brown College

  Q.  What is Thomas Brown College? 

A. Thomas Brown College is a new age career college that provides a series of short, job-related career and accelerated online training programs in various areas of business, paralegal education, health care assisting, computer related and professional development studies to an international community of learners.  We help students train for better careers.

 Q.  Who attends Thomas Brown College?

A.  Students come to Thomas Brown College from all walks of life with one goal: to train for a better career.  Thomas Brown College caters to students almost everywhere—business, legal and medical offices, government agencies and nearly every industrial and commercial organization in the area.  You’ll find students beginning their first career or training to improve or start a second career.

 Q.  Will I have help finding a job after graduation?

A.  Absolutely!  We offer free career placement assistance to all graduates. Our career placement staff will put you in contact with prospective employers, where possible, and help prepare you for interviews and even review your resume.

 Q.  What are the instructors like?

A.   All courses are taught online by professionals and practitioners in business and health care, lawyers, judges, computer specialists, as well as other experts in the specific area in which they teach.  The faculty at Thomas Brown College is committed to your success. They work hard to make sure that you understand and enjoy the course material, and often double as academic advisors and mentors.  At Thomas Brown College, we make it easy to succeed.

 Q.  Is Thomas Brown College accredited? 

A.   Thomas Brown College is authorized by the Province of Ontario to award certificate programs in the general areas of business, paralegal education, health care assisting, computer related and professional development studies.  Its programs are registered with the Ministry of Education, Commonwealth of Dominica and the Dominica National Accreditation Board to award certificates.  It is accredited by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago and a Member of CANQATE.


 Q.  What is online learning?

A.   Online Learning is another form of distance education.  The higher education community worldwide defines online education as a formal program of synchronous or asynchronous instruction and learning in which the greatest proportion of the process occurs when students and instructor are not in the same place.  In addition to traditional learning resources, online teaching uses any of a variety of technological media that enable interaction and sharing of information across disparate locations.  Among these, the Internet, radio, cable television, audio or video conferencing, DVD’s, and CD-ROMs, are prominently featured

 Q.  Is online education something new?

A.   Continuing education through distance learning programs has existed for more than 100 years.  Today, online learning is the technological version of the old correspondence education.  More educational institutions are realizing the benefits of online courses and offering those programs as a viable alternative to the conventional classroom setting.  Thomas Brown College online learning courses are some of the most convenient ways for you to train for a career.

 Q.  How does it work?

A.   Online learning makes taking courses convenient and easy.  Students will need access to a computer with Internet capabilities, so that they can be “in class” while they are at home with their families, on vacation, at work or even on a business trip.  Online students quickly become self-disciplined and harness the ability to learn without face to face classroom interaction.

In their online courses, students will be able to ask questions, post responses, hold discussions, submit assignments, listen to other students and instructor, take exams and participate in study groups — online!  In addition, they use web-conferencing, email or other text-based technology to communicate one-on-one with their instructors or fellow course mates.  Participation in course activities and discussion among course mates, and with their instructors are key components of the online instruction and learning experiences.  However, the students determine when these experiences take place.

 Q.  Does online provide easy access to anyone?

A.   Online learning provides easy access to everyone, everywhere.  Online learning is rapidly changing the way in which persons all over the world learn and attend college.  Thomas Brown College uses this online technology to provide innovative and flexible ways for busy residents of the Caribbean, its neighbors, including Bermuda, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Cayman Islands and elsewhere to enroll in our training and certification programs.  Because most learners have many important responsibilities in addition to getting an education, this opportunity to pursue studies outside the classroom will meet many of their needs.  Online technology links students to all of our programs, making it very easy for them to access our courses regardless of where they live!

 Q.  What types of students enroll in Thomas Brown College programs?

A.   Most of our students are ambitious serious, career-minded individuals who have come to realize the true value of marketable skills in today’s increasingly demanding work force. Many of our students are recent college graduates with their Associates degree, others are high school graduates or have jobs, families and demanding schedules – both of which conflict with the rigid scheduling of classes in conventional school settings.  For these students, a distance learning (online) course or program offers the most logical way in which to train for, or enhance a career. In fact, many of our students enroll in our online courses based on the recommendation of other students and graduates.

 Q.  Is online learning effective and will I obtain the knowledge that I need?

A.   A study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education concluded that college and university students who took all or part of their class online performed as well or even better than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction.

 Q.  Is online learning right for everyone?

A.   Since online learning is dependent on technology, students must have easy access to the Internet, video capabilities, and e-mail.  Also, students who performed best in online courses were self-disciplined, self-motivated, and good at scheduling their time.  If you have trouble with any of the above, you may to reconsider online enrollment.

 Q.  What advantages do online courses offer me as a student?

A.   Here are four advantages to choosing our online education career college programs:

  1. Affordability: Online education courses are usually more affordable than the traditional college or university. You do not have to travel to college, or give up your job or pay for child care to advance your career.
  2. Accessibility: Let’s not forget that not every town or community has a local college or university or branch. This is a problem for those who would like to obtain a college education. Well, Thomas Brown College makes this a thing of the past.
  3. Flexibility: Studying from home allows for flexibility. You do not need to attend classes with other younger students and feel uncomfortable.
  4. Focus: Online learning also allows you to focus on your studies rather than extra-curricular college activities.

The benefits to learning online cannot be overstated.  You will enjoy greater flexibility, a more affordable education, and the comfort of learning at your own pace, as well the convenience of studying in your familiar home environment.

 Q.  What are the benefits of a Thomas Brown College online program?

A.   Thomas Brown College online courses provide as a practical way to:

  1. Upgrade existing skills or learn new skills
  2. Start a new career or work toward a promotion
  3. Improve earning potential
  4. Get a better job
  5. Create your own job
  6. Increase self-esteem and confidence

 Q.  Will online learning fit my learning needs?

A.   Students frequently report that online learning allows them to participate in a way that fits their learning style.  For example, students like the idea that they can think longer about their responses and respond as they see fit, based on research and reflection.  In a traditional classroom setting, there is a set learning flow that may or may not fit an individual student.  Other students like the fact that they can access their course when they are at their best and study as long as they can stay on task productively.  With online learning everyone is equal so no student can dominate class time or derail the instructor.  Moreover, for many students online learning is much less intimidating than the competitive nature of classrooms.

 Q.  Will I have quality instructors online?

A.   Since technology doesn’t restrict online schools to have instructors at any one location, we can select excellent instructors from anywhere.  Moreover, through technology students can talk directly to their instructors, seek their help, and discuss learning issues with them.  Remember, courses are taught online by professionals and practitioners in business and health care, lawyers, judges, computer specialists, as well as other experts in the specific area in which they teach.

 Q.  What is an online learning program or course?

A.   Online learning programs or courses are similar to the traditional “in-class” courses or programs.  However, instead of having to attend classes, you study independently at home, at a time and pace that is convenient to you. All of the educational materials for the field of study you choose are delivered directly through your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Qualified instructors are only an e-mail or “chat-line” away if you need assistance, and you can also use online tools to take exams, get your grades and more.

 Q.  How does online learning at Thomas Brown College work?

A.   Students complete their coursework — which has been designed specifically for them—online, on their own schedule, at their own pace. They are supported by trained instructors who have experience teaching adults; they also have access to online tutors.


 Q.  How can I apply for admission?

A.   There are three ways to enroll:

  1. Online – Using our secure website
  2. Phone – Speak with a Thomas Brown College representative via (Skype) 305-600-2331; 305-787-4200; 
  3. Mail – Complete your enrollment form and mail it in with your down payment to 11 Steber Street, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies

 Q.  How long does the application process take?

A.   The process takes approximately one month, assuming that you have all the required documentation.

 Q.  Should I use an online or a paper application?

A.   Thomas Brown College prefers online applications because they are easier to review and process.  Applying online can also be more convenient for you — it’s easier to enter information and correct mistakes. Whichever method you choose, ask the high school or college you previously attended to send your transcript can us.

 Q.  How do I get my books?

A.   All online courses will require text books, journals and other reading materials, and some may have audio and/or video tapes or live feeds.  Course material and how to order will be provided to you far in advance of the start of the term.  Course texts are the student’s responsibility for purchase.  All course material can be ordered by mail, via the Internet or telephone.

 Q.  What about my course assignments?

A.   Most courses will require papers, projects and extensive reading.  Most online courses will have online examinations, a major paper or a proctored final examination (a proctored examination is one that is taken under supervision).  The syllabus will list assignment by units or weeks.  The courses will have weekly deadlines.  All courses have clearly defined starting and ending dates and other due dates for online (threaded) discussion, submission of assignments, projects, group activities, presentations and taking examinations.  All courses are scheduled to start on Sundays and all assignments, projects and tests must be completed and submitted by specific dates stated in the course syllabi.

 Q.  Are there any educational requirements to enroll?

A.   Thomas Brown College courses are specifically designed to benefit everybody, regardless of your educational background.  The minimum we require is a high school graduation, the desire to learn and a willingness to succeed as a professional in your field of study.  Of course students with prior college education will certainly benefit in a variety of ways.

 Q.  Are there any age requirements to enroll?

A.   Persons under the age of 18 must obtain the written signature of a parent or legal guardian in order to enroll in a Thomas Brown College course.

 Q.  Are there other admission requirements?

A.   Students must be 18 years or older (Students starting class under 18 years of age require parent or guardian consent), at the time of applicationApplicants to most of our certificate programs must be high school graduates and have a minimum of four CXC, GCE.  Other admission requirements may apply and some programs require a college degree.

 Q.  Is there a deadline for enrollment?

A.   You can enroll in a Thomas Brown College distance learning course at the beginning of each semester—September, January and May.  You must apply at least one month ahead of those dates.

 Q.  Can I enroll in more than one course at a time?

A.   Thomas Brown College strongly recommends you only complete one course at a time.  If you wish to learn more about enrolling in more than one program, you will need to speak with one of Thomas Brown College’s admissions specialists.


Q.  How does taking a program with Thomas Brown College work?

A.   Very simple:

  1. Apply, enroll in a program of choice
  2. Thomas Brown College emails you your acceptance, login password for accessing the courses, information on getting the course materials for the semester and how to pay your tuition fees.
  3. Study & complete your exams
  4. Once you pass your exams in a particular course, you will have information on your next course and how to proceed.
  5. Once you successfully pass all of your exams in the program and complete all of your tuition payments, you will receive your personalized career diploma.

Q.  How long do I have to complete my program?

A.   Most of our programs are designed to be completed within 4 to 12 months, depending on the particular program you are pursuing.  Some students are able to finish their studies in the expected period, while other students take more time to complete their programs. Thomas Brown College expects that you will finish your program within the time period stated for each program.

Q.  How long are the courses in a semester?

A.   Students take one course at a time as they complete the program. Yes, one course at a time while keeping their jobs and being home with their families.  A semester will have four courses.

Q.  What can I expect after graduation?

A.   Graduates of the Thomas Brown College programs are prepared for self-employment or employment in the various sectors of the economy, particularly in business, government and non profit sectors.  A strong focus of the training is to provide Caribbean businesses with industry-ready skills on demand, and to prepare graduates to become job ready or self-employed in their vocation.

In addition to being proficient in their areas of training, all our graduates are prepared to reliably demonstrate essential employability skills in the following critical areas: critical thinking and problem solving, information management, communication, interpersonal, personal and numeracy.

Q.  Will I be forced to study on a fixed schedule?

A.   No. Thomas Brown College realizes that all students are unique – each with different responsibilities, interests and goals. Students are encouraged to work at their own individual pace in order to get the maximum benefit from their courses. You may progress through your course as quickly or slowly as your schedule permits.  However, you must complete the previous course before taking the next.

Q.  How do I submit exams?

A.   You can submit your exams using our online student log-in and exam format.  Rarely you may send them via e-mail. Online submissions are usually graded immediately.

Q.  What is a passing grade?

A. Grading Scale: 90-100 = A; 80-89 = B; 75-79 = C; 70-74 = D; Below 70 = I (Incomplete or Fail)

Q.  How does the students log-in to their courses?

A.   When you enroll, you will receive your unique student number and password with your first set of course materials. You can then use this number and password to register for Thomas Brown College eService student log-in, which allows you to submit exams, review grades, contact instructors, make tuition payments and more.

Q.  If I need help with my studies, how can I get it?

A.   Thomas Brown College’s qualified instructors are available by special in-course chat and e-mail whenever you have a question.

Q.  Do I need a computer to complete my course?

A.   Yes, at minimum you need a computer, Microsoft word and internet for accessing your online learning programs.  A complete list of whatever you will require for completing your studies will be emailed to you after you are accepted into a program.

Q.  Can Thomas Brown College prepare me for a new career?

A.   The answer is an emphatic “Yes!” In fact, hundreds of thousands of people enroll in online courses every day, globally. Our courses give you the chance to learn essential skills when and where it is most convenient to you — without your studies interfering with your current job or personal life.

Q.  Would I be able to transfer credits to a local college/university?

A.   Thomas Brown College courses are designed specifically to prepare you for the world of work.  Normally, the courses are not designed for transferring to a degree program.  However, every college and university has its own admissions policy regarding the granting of credits. You would have to contact the particular institution that you are interested in applying to for that information.


Q.  How much is the tuition?

A.   Each course has a specific tuition rate that will be applied when you enroll.

Q.  What does my tuition fee include?

A.   As a student with Thomas Brown College online learning program, your tuition fee includes everything you will need to successfully graduate including:

  • Study guides
  • Learning aids
  • Exams
  • Instructional services, excluding text books
  • Online tools
  • Skype-free phone call access to contact instructors and administrators
  • Instructor and staff support
  • Personalized career diploma

Q.  What methods of payment do you accept?

A.   Thomas Brown College accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover), check by phone and money order.

Q.  Is a down payment required?

A.   No. There is no required minimum down payment for each course. The payment amount varies depending on the program you choose, but the tuition is generally paid at the beginning of each semester.

Q.  Do you have a payment plan?

A.   Yes! Thomas Brown College offers an INTEREST FREE monthly payment plan. A minimum down payment and a “payment plan fee” are required to participate in this plan. We can charge your credit card or debit your bank account each month, or you can send your monthly payment (money order only) in the mail.

Q.  Do I get a discount if I pay all at once?

A,  No. The tuition remains the same regardless of if you pay it all at once or choose to make monthly payments.

Q.  Do students receive an incentive for referring individuals who then enroll?

A.   You will receive a $50.00 (US) check or tuition credit for each friend you referred who enrolls and is in good standing for a period of at least 90 days. Your referral amount cannot exceed $2000 per year, and you must be a Thomas Brown College student or graduate to participate.


Q.  What are the eligibility criteria for admission?

A.   You should have completed the equivalent of high school with at least 3 CXC or equivalent.  For some programs, an Associate or Bachelors degree may be required.  Also refer to the Program Pre-requisites in the Program Descriptions for program specific requirements.  In addition, you should be conversant with the English language.

Q.  What documentation will I get upon completion of the program?

A.   After successful completion of a program of study, a Certificate describing your achievements will be issued to you.

Q.  What type of job prospects will I have after completing this program?

A.   Students will be trained to work at the appropriate job postings that their training warrants.  After successful completion of their studies, students will be well suited for employment almost every area of commerce—business, legal and medical offices, government agencies and nearly every industrial and commercial organization in their communities or overseas.  Besides we offer free career placement assistance to all graduates, including, help to prepare you for interviews and review your resume.

Q.  What language should I know?

A.   Strong knowledge of English is sufficient to be successful in your program of study.

Q.  What should be my level of computer knowledge?

A.   It is important to know the basic operations of computers, including Microsoft Word and the use of the Internet.

Q.  Do I pay the college fees in US dollars?

A.   You can pay your Application and Tuition fees in US Dollars using the three ways we have outlined above under “What methods of payment do you accept?”

Q.  Which rules are followed in case of a dispute between me and the College?

A.   Thomas Brown College has a well defined and approved dispute resolution policy in the Thomas Brown College Catalog.

Q.  What extra help will I get from the College?

A.   First, our staff will guide you through all required steps to ensure a successful application process. Second, during your studies at Thomas Brown College, our staff will assist you in developing strong study habits and procedures, and generally getting accustomed to the College and the online study environment.  Finally, our instructors are ready to assist you throughout their courses.

Q.  How will I log in to see my classes?

A.   When you are registered for a course, you will receive an email with login instructions.  You will use those for accessing all your courses.  If you do not see this email, you should:

  • Check your spam folder
  • If our email is there, please mark our email as “not spam” so future emails show up in your inbox
  • If our email is NOT there, please contact us at  We also have a short video that briefly describes the login process:

Q.  How much does it cost to earn a diploma?

A.   The cost varies on the student’s programs.  Courses range from 4 to 12 months.  The cost per program is found in the link: Tuition Fees.

Q.  How do I speak with a Thomas Brown College counselor?

A.   To schedule an appointment with one of our advisors, please call (Skype) 305-600-2331; 305-787-8400;; or complete the form located on our “Contact” link.

Q.  Do you offer Part-Time Classes?

A.   Yes we do. Our flexible course schedule accommodates a variety of lifestyles and schedules.  If you take less than 4 courses a semester, you are considered attending part-time.

Q.  When do the semesters start?

A.   There are three start dates: January, May and September.  Please check on the website or call the Office of Admissions for specific start dates.

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