This is Thomas Brown College!

Thomas Brown College offers many short certificate vocational and career training programs entirely online to make you start or grow your career, or be productive in the workplace.

Thomas Brown College will assist you in keeping pace with this rapidly changing global environment including: changes in laws, technology and best practices.  The College will help to spread this knowledge across your business organization in a timely manner to take advantage of new opportunities and manage threats and challenges.  Thomas Brown College online programs and courses are the most effective way to bring this critical knowledge to many individuals and organizations.  Its highly-successful education and training programs and courses are tailored to the individual needs of adult learners and businesses and are accessible to our students anywhere, anytime.

All our courses are taught online by business, technology and health care professionals, lawyers, judges as well as other practitioners who are experts in the specific area in which they teach.  Students are taught how to compete and perform in complex work environments.  The College has relationships with corporate sectors, community organizations, and the adult community as a whole in ways that also extend its mission and responds to real needs.

Our programs provide very effective career skills and learning experiences.  Our instructors are actively involved in the students’ learning experiences as they respond to students’ leaning needs, encourage and motivate them to succeed.  The courses are graded, use regular text books, have assignments, papers, quizzes, exams and presentations.  Some of the best experts in the fields of study contribute to course curriculum and teach in the various programs.

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