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Greetings and Welcome!

Thomas Brown College provides highly-desired skill-based, career education and training programs and courses that are tailored to the individual needs of students, businesses and organizations, and are accessible to our students anywhere, anytime—Online!.

We cater to persons with Associate or Bachelor’s degrees as well as high school graduates and others who need to develop or enhance specific job-related shills. Our many career programs range from 6 to 12 months, and provide very valuable job-ready and effective career skills and learning experiences to students throughout the Caribbean and beyond. 

Our courses are interactive, graded, use regular text books, have assignments, papers, quizzes, exams and presentations.  We also use the latest distance education technologies to create a captive and interactive learning environment for both students and instructors.  Some of the best experts in the fields of study contribute to course curriculum and teach in the various programs

Thomas Brown College is dedicated to training and educating ambitious learners, (high school, working adults, and college graduates), in their pursuit of a good quality of life and successful careers.  We place a priority on professional growth and serve as a resource for individual development and career success.  Our professional and career development programs serve as passages to lifelong, value-loaded, career education and a key source of job-ready, career skills for our graduates

Whether you are an employer or prospective student, I welcome you to familiarize yourself with our training programs, find out how they can impact on your business goals and or future career plans.  Participate in our learning community where we act in an atmosphere of shared family, and our students develop career and age interests while working on “making a career for their future”.

I invite you to join us in sharing our vision as a new age institution of higher learning, committed to excellence and responsive to the career and professional needs of adult learners and businesses, enabling them to function effectively within the global competitive environment.

Together, we’re building an even stronger Thomas Brown College that will offer our communities, business organizations and students, programs and services that are needed now and in the future.


Din K. Thomas, Chief Executive Officer

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