Pharmacy Technician

Hands-on Skills in Retail Pharmacy Procedures

The Pharmacy Technician certification program teaches the skills needed to gain entry-level employment as Pharmacy Technician in either a hospital or retail setting.  Pharmacy technicians assist and support licensed pharmacists in providing health care to patients and may perform many of the same duties as a pharmacist.  However, all of their work must be checked by a pharmacist before medication can be dispensed to a patient.

This program focuses on medical and pharmaceutical terminology, basic anatomy related to the pharmacology of medications, and pharmaceutical calculations and provides hands-on practice in retail pharmacy procedures through an online lab module.  Complete in 6 months!



In this program, you will learn what information is necessary to process prescriptions and physician orders and apply that knowledge to fill mock prescriptions. The curriculum also includes the ethics of pharmacy practice and education about prescription medications, patient care and interaction, and charges and reimbursement.

Job Opportunities

Retail Pharmacy; Hospitals; Nursing Homes; Assisted Living Facilities.

  • Pharmacology
  • Chemistry
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Medical and pharmaceutical terminology
  • Pharmacy law
  • Pharmacy administration
  • Pharmaceutical calculations
  • Dosage forms
  • Drug preparation
  • Compounding medications
  •  Pharmacy computing
  • Medical billing

Total Tuition: $ 1195.00
One-time Payment: $ 1095.00 — Save $115
Payment Plan: 25% first payment: $295.00
Number of other payments: 2
Amount of each payment after 1st payment: $450
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