Information Systems Technology

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If you are interested in a career in information technology or you are already in this high growth field and looking to upgrade your skills, our online business information technology certificate program might be right for you. Our Information Systems Technology Certificate introduces you to system analysis and design and how it applies to IT in the business world.  In the current world of digital information, the field of information systems aims to create, secure, update and manage the huge reservoirs of information owned by most organizations.

Hence, it is imperative that all key personnel in an organization should have working knowledge of information systems. Pursuing Executive Certificate in Information Technology is an excellent way to gain this crucial foundation in information technology demanded by employers. You will develop basic information technology skill.  Whether this Certificate is your first step toward a more in-depth knowledge of the field or a means to improve your skills, the program provides the training you will need in today’s explosive and competitive workplace. Complete in 12 months!.



By enrolling in our Information System Technology Executive Certificate online program, you will receive a solid foundation in information technology principles, practices and applications to prepare you for entry-level Information Technology positions.

Job Opportunities

Support specialists will be in greater demand to resolve the technical problems that arise as organizations and individuals adopt the newest & complex forms of technology.

  • Managing Information Technology Projects
  • System Analysis & Design
  • Database Management Systems
  • Software Quality Management
  • Information Security and Privacy Issues
  • Management of Information Services

Total Tuition: $ 2395.00
One-time Payment: $ 2245.00 — Save $150
Payment Plan: 25% first payment: $595.00
Number of other payments: 4
Amount of each payment after 1st payment: $450
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