Medical Billing & Coding

Entry-level Positions–Medical Billing or Coding 

Medical coding and billing professionals are responsible for ensuring that physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities are reimbursed for their services. Medical coders translate medical records into the standardized numeric codes used to bill patients and third-party payers, such as governments, businesses and insurance companies.  Students learn medical billing and coding from the comfort of their own homes with this online program.  Students are prepared for an entry-level position doing medical billing or coding in a medical office setting and are prepared to sit for the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) the US national certification exam.  Complete in 6 months!  



The Medical billing and Coding program will give you in-depth knowledge and specialized skills in areas including ICD-9 Coding and CPT Coding, insurance claims management, and medical records management as well as other medical basics.

Job Opportunities

Clinical Coding Specialist; Clinical Data Specialist; Data Quality Manager; Health; Information Management; Compliance Specialist.

  • Organizational Structure and Behavior
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • CPR and Medical Emergencies
  • Medical Records Management
  • Medical Insurance
  • Computerized Medical Office Administration
  • ICD-9 Coding
  • Pharmacology

Total Tuition: $ 1195.00
One-time Payment: $ 1095.00 — Save $100
Payment Plan: 25% first payment: $295.00
Number of other payments: 2
Amount of each payment after 1st payment: $450
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