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The Thomas Brown College Promise

We create opportunities, possibilities, careers & a college education you can use!

You already have the Associate or Bachelors degree? Stay involved and earn extra money!  Yes, learn how you can increase your earnings in months.

We do something different to provide opportunities for persons to get a college education they can use…AND YES, we create many opportunities and possibilities for our graduates to join the corporate world, work in small businesses or government, build their careers, create their own businesses, and grow professionally!

Are you ready to get a college education you can actually use? We offer the smart and affordable ways to prepare for your future—the type of career training that will help you get a better job, improve skills for your current job, qualify for advancement, prepare for a new career or start your own business.  Our new age and affordable online college programs will help you achieve your goals fast. We offer online college certificate programs that are 100% self-paced. We let nothing keep you from furthering your education, learning critical job skills, becoming self-employed, and improving your quality of life.

Thomas Brown College provides the opportunity for you to balance work, family and education while you prepare to grow or enhance your career.  Forget about going overseas and leaving your family, friends and work just to pursue your educational or career dreams.  Thomas Brown College has removed these barriers! In our affordable online college programs, you study at home, at work or while on your vacation. And you are just a click away from your professors or your academic counselors. We offer affordable online career college training courses that will fulfill your dreams. Please join us to enhance or make a career for your future!

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We do things differently

Whether you are an employer or prospective student, I welcome you to familiarize yourself with our training programs, find out how they can impact on your business goals and or future career plans. Participate in our learning community where we act in an atmosphere of shared family, and our students develop career and age interests while working on “making a career for their future”.

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About us

We Create Opportunities, Possibilities and Careers!

Thomas Brown College provides highly-desired skill-based, career education and training programs and courses that are tailored to the individual needs of students and businesses and are accessible to our students anywhere, anytime—Online!.

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