Law Office Management

Learn How to Manage the Law Practice

Our Law Office Management Program  prepares managers in the legal profession with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to effectively and strategically manage a legal practice.   Taught by highly motivated instructors, this unique program also trains and upgrades those who are interested in or are currently involved with various aspects of the law office management or business administration.

The program examines diverse aspects of the law office management and provides participants with the necessary skills to perform with excellence as office managers in law firms, legal departments or related government agencies and private corporations.  Complete in 6 months!



This comprehensive program prepares students to work in the legal community, and provides  training in management principles and concepts, human resource management, supervisory techniques, organizational structure and behavior, management of financial resources, business communication and ethical responsibilities.

Job Opportunities

Law office managers may work for law firms, non-profit companies and government organizations; as scheduler, task-assigner, case load organizer, office policy enforcer and more. 

  • Organizational Structure and Behavior
  • Human Resources Management
  • Supervisory Techniques in a Professional Environment
  • Managing financial Resources and Reports
  • Legal Constraints
  • Time Keeping and Effective Billing
  • Information Systems
  • Budget and Database Management
  • Effective Communication in the Legal profession
  • Ethical Responsibilities and Challenges

Total Tuition: $ 1195.00
One-time Payment: $ 1095.00 — Save $100.00
Payment Plan: 25% first payment: $295.00
Number of other payments: 2
Amount of each payment after 1st payment: $450
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