Emergency Services


Emergency Services Professionals

The certificates in Emergency Services empower its graduates to become the best public emergency health and safety professionals.  It will also allow those officers to function at an acceptable level on a rescue squad in a pre-hospital setting as a paramedic specialist.
The training will enable existing fire and other emergency first responders to become knowledgeable and skilled in the fields of EMS.  The programs will be taught by highly trained, certified and experienced EMS and fire science professionals.
The program follows a highly structured and internationally recognized curriculum.  The program may be offered in collaboration with the national or state colleges or universities and hospitals.  All courses will be taken completely online or blended and use lecture, motor skills, hospital and ambulance externships to provide the student with the knowledge and skill relevant to the paramedic studies.
Upon graduation, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the principles of emergency management and national security and selected topics from these emerging disciplines.
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