College Teaching Opportunities


College Instructors Needed

Thomas Brown College  is seeking goal oriented individuals to join our team as instructors and mentors. 

Thomas Brown College is a new age Caribbean institution of higher learning that provides highly-desired skill-based, career education and training programs and courses that are tailored to the individual needs of students, businesses and organizations, and are accessible to our students anywhere, anytime—Online!.  We use technology to deliver affordable college certificates to give our students possibilities and opportunities.

As a vocational and career college it seeks to foster relationships with business sectors and the learning community as a whole.  It provides ambitious students with the skills necessary to help them contribute to the economic growth of their employers, pursue a career that will add value to their lives, enable them to use their previous training more completely, open the doors to exciting careers, or enable them to create their own employment and enhance their quality of life.   Our vocational certificates and career training programs enable students to seek employment in the general economy, start or grow their careers, start their own businesses and be productive in the community.

As online educators you will use this opportunity to share your expertise, remain relevant and current in your field, earn extra money, engage in a flexible job while taking holding on to your regular job, care of family and life in general. 

If you are new to teaching online, the path will not be daunting, because we provide step-by-step training, tools and resources to help you become an excellent online instructor!

For many years we have been helping educators to prepare for teaching online – and  to get started in their new online teaching careers. You do not need prior training to get started with us. Of course, prior training and experience will definitely be a great asset.

 What is the job description?

  • Teach vocational-career training online courses to college students and career changers
  • Provide consistently accurate information about the College to businesses and prospective students
  • Motivate students to complete their program of study
  • Provide career guidance and mentorship as needed

 What is required to teach online?

  • Bachelor’s Degree required; Masters Degree preferred
  • Minimum Associate Degree in subject or field with experience in specific fields of study
  • Experience in your field
  • Passion and commitment to educating others
  • Internet access and a good computer
  • Willingness to be trained to teach online using advanced technology
  • Ability to motivate students to succeed

 What is it for you?

  • Extra income
  • An opportunity to share your expertise with others
  • Remaining current in your field
  • Convenient and flexible work
  • Choose only the courses you want to teach

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