About Thomas Brown College

We Create Opportunities, Possibilities and Careers!

Thomas Brown College provides highly-desired skill-based, career education and training programs and courses that are tailored to the individual needs of students and businesses and are accessible to our students anywhere, anytime—Online!.


Thomas Brown College is a new age Caribbean institution of higher learning that seeks to provide graduates with job ready skills and knowledge for participation in a global society.  The philosophy of the College is that the future belongs to those who prepare now for its many challenges.  We believe there is no substitute for relevant training in today’s fast changing work environment!


The mission of the College is to appropriately respond to the training needs of business, industry and communities.  It does so by providing ambitious students with the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to the economic growth of their employers and communities, pursue a career that will add value to their lives, open the doors to new and exciting careers, enable them to create their own employment and enhance their quality of life.  “Making a Career for Your Future” is the motto of Thomas Brown College.


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