Insurance Specialist

A Career in the Insurance Industry is Lucrative!

This certificate program can lead to a rewarding career in the insurance industry.  Insurance is required in many areas, such as health care, vehicle operation and personal property. For individuals interested in pursuing a career in the insurance industry, a certificate course provides specialized career training without the lengthy financial commitment of a two- or four-year degree program.

Thomas Brown College provides two certificate programs in Insurance. Program requirements for this certificates include workplace ethics, property and liability insurance principles, personal insurance, commercial insurance, accounting, business communication, business law and computer applications. A professional internship course may also be required. Complete in 12 months!



The Insurance Specialist Program prepares students for entry-level employment in the insurance industry.  This 12 months certificate is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in insurance offices such as appraiser, agent, estimator, administrative assistant, broker, and salesperson. Coursework required for the certificate is intended to help prepare students for insurance

Job Opportunities

Insurance agents for auto, health, home, and life insurance; property damage and liability policies, employee and executive coverage, and product liability; Representatives of insurance companies; Independent insurance broker; and much more!

  • Financial Accounting
  • Introductory Accounting I & II
  • Introduction to Business
  • Written Business Communications
  • Introduction to Insurance
  • Applied Workplace Ethics
  • Beginning Microsoft Office Applications
  • Principles of Property and Liability Insurance
  • Personal Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Business Law I
  • Microsoft EXCEL
  • Computer Concepts
  • Introduction to Computer and Information Systems

Total Tuition: $ 2395.00
One-time Payment: $ 2245.00 — Save $150
Payment Plan: 25% first payment: $595.00
Number of other payments: 4
Amount of each payment after 1st payment: $450
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